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Welcome to Dach's Autos, where we dive deep into all things automotive on our YouTube channel. Just so you know, we're not set up for walk-ins right now, as we craft our content and work on projects based on our filming and life schedule.

We're more than happy to consider your needs on an individual basis. Got into a bit of a fender bender or had an unexpected meeting with a deer? We've got your back! Whether it's bringing back to life a gem you found at a local auction, working on restorations, or handling general maintenance (as long as you're not in a huge rush), we're here to help.

Our dream? To evolve into a full-time shop dedicated to delivering top-notch rebuilds and restorations. We're all about quality over quantity, steering clear of just churning out work to make a quick buck. We're excited to grow with you and can't wait to see what projects we can tackle together!
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Focusing on giving quality vehicles a new lease on life.
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